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From the Owner

Hello, my name is Jim, the owner of Northlake Auto Repair, and I have come to realize over my 37 years of being in business that things change and keep on often changing I have noticed cycles that the industry goes through. But one thing that stands out over all is I have learned that every customer is different and has often more than not based their vehicle decisions on money. So I have learned to understand and to help meet our guest needs to keep them driving. We came up with ways to finance vehicle repairs; we have partnered up with multiple finances, lending, and leasing companies. Which now comes down to simple one page online or cellphone-based credit application. So Staff and I get to experience the joy the client shares when finding out they have funds available and can continue driving. It often means no missed work and limited inconvenience with their lives. I never like to hear that a client has to use a vacation day or miss work for repairs; we will give rides and pickups to ensure this does not have to happen. Jobs and time off are too important to mess up due to vehicle repair. We always help with options. I think that’s important for everyone.

VIP Card

We offer a VIP card our clients find quite useful often we ask for coupons at our lane greeting and will show me their VIP card. If you have one, you already know there is money on it. But that is only one part; it also acts as one of our leading marketing products; it links us with our clients. We ask every time a guest visits to fill out or update contact information, (working on streamlining) this allows us to contact in two direct ways email and texting. Tho sometimes hesitant to share they appreciate the messages, we get slow and do a blast like 50% labor for the next ten clients to call. It’s amazing how fast those spots fill up. Or $10.00 off the next ten oil change appointments taken, it’s crazy discounting almost is like saying thank you to all our loyal customers. It’s not too often, as to not to bother our clients.

Lifetime Parts Warranty

We offer a Lifetime Parts Warranty, even though we absorb cost I feel a client that understands that driving what I drive is the best car out there, it’s called a PAID FOR. We seem at times to be following some patterns, the latest I feel is California – they get these super high miles put on their cars it’s not uncommon for them to go 300-400k, and we see 180-230k every day. So why not trade with us? Think about it, never pay for that part again only labor after one year it’s saying thanks to them they are smart people. My car is 23 years old has lower miles about 106 I think, is just amazing, if I want Bluetooth I go to the stereo shop and have them install a new radio with as many bells and whistles I need. And I will because I don’t have a $400-500 car payment that never ends.

Dealership Alternative

Dealership Alternative, I don’t know I don’t visit them, I do know people that work at dealerships, and it does come up in conversation with our guest. It seems like they offer good things when you purchase a vehicle like free oil changes and even more I can’t remember, I do remember hearing that they call a lot when your warranty is expiring, and they want you to purchase another vehicle. I feel by offering online scheduling, a nice sized waiting area, and we have a Pepsi fountain soda dispenser, famous popcorn 4-6 batches per day that is 50 lbs per month. We love it always smells good all day. We offer rides and pickups, which I like because I get to see the outside. These fantastic car washes surround us, so after ever repair, we take our guest’s car to get washed and vacuumed out.

Customer Service Commitment

I explain this to every employee as this is the situation we want our customers to avoid – you are a client on your way to work, you stop at your local convenience store grab a cup of coffee, you come out, and your car won’t start – now what? You’ve been late to many times your boss is on you. You call the motor club rideshare service to take you to work from the shop and then the worst you have no car to go to lunch, you hate your co-worker and would never ask them to bring back something, it is far from your typical day. So this is what we want, to make our guest pleasantly pleased with the results from the diagnoses and inspections, let them know when it will be ready ask if they need a ride set a reminder as not to forget. As our guests pull into our lot they see their vehicle backed into our designated pick up spots near our front door, they notice and comment that it’s washed at this time our driver also mentions that we vacuumed it. They get dropped at the front door where a service writer greets them by name, has an invoice with a Lifetime warranty certificate, VIP card made out and already loaded with reward amount. All is explained any questions answered, and they leave feeling the best they could. Remember there’s no joy in getting a vehicle repair so after paying they get back into their vehicle turn that key and it starts the same way it did when they left their home in the morning — nothing new to feel good like jewelry or a television. We practice and believe in making the repair process as painless as possible put ourselves in their situation.

Tire Services

Northlake Auto Repair and Quick Lubes Tire Program, we are surrounded by small used tire shops, we offer used tires but make sure our clients understand what a used tire truly is. We stack our old tires outside on our back fence, for years the tire pickers come by every night and pick thru these old tires. They take them to the used tire shops and sell them, which are resold to their clients. I know this because over the years I’ve made relationships with the tire shops. Also what I’ve learned is the price they post is not what you pay, our tire balancer inoperable for some time, and we regularly used some of these shops for balancing so while standing there I’ve overheard and seen this first hand I could not believe people are paying for tires that are garbage picked. So here’s why we sell 800-1200 new tires yearly. There are too many tire sizes to stock every size, so we use multiple local warehouses each stocking thousands of brands and sizes. When a guest needs tires, we make a quote from one of many warehouses onto our tire quote form, which explains the size, price, and the extra’s you get with purchasing tires from us. For 37 years we have been offering the following, when you buy a complete set we give you lifetime tire rotation, (please remind us at your lane greeting) we give you two free oil changes (can use anytime you need) we provide you with lifetime free repairs, like screws, nails, rim leaks. We give free rebalancing if the steering wheel shakes over time. You can also purchase road hazard insurance from us. Only If we can’t repair your tire like if it’s blown out from a pothole which is just unbelievable everywhere I drive just not right. We replace the cost of the tire our clients only pay for install and tax we absorb the value of the tire no questions asked. Please remember if the tire goes flat from a nail or whatever you must put the spare on before driving on it. When we take the tire apart, it’s straightforward to see that it’s been what is called ran flat or run flat, as this is not covered, remember if the light comes on, or the dash or it just looks low put air in it and come right over we will be glad to assist you. Coming soon, you will be able to get a quote on tires by visiting our web site and clicking on the tire quote widget. In seconds you will be able to get a quote from all our suppliers installed on the vehicle. I love the new technology we can use. We beat Sam’s Club, Pepboys, Discount Tire, and that’s usually without the two free oil changes.


We sell tons of batteries, over 15 years ago, one of our leading suppliers offered us to carry their battery line with this incredible warranty. I’ve been selling them ever since. I never could understand prorated battery warranties the customer always has to pay to much to get the battery replaced if it did not go the complete term like 36 months or 48 or even 60 they would only receive a slight discount from what they paid initially. Our battery warranty is so simple you get a free battery up to 5 years, and most of the time we tell our clients its failed before they even know because we test them during every oil change. The client pays for installation only at $9.20. Why not go with this its an excellent program.

FREE Check Engine Light Diagnosis

We offer free check engine light code reads, I am amazed at how many people trust a parts store clerk to diagnose their vehicles check engine light. I have noticed some changes in this since they first started doing it now our clients bring us a list of what it could be. So we felt we should offer the same service the big box stores like Autozone etc. offer. It only takes a quick second to read a code to verify and adequately diagnose that’s a different level of repair. I feel they are misled but amazed how big box advertising dollars get people into their stores. I guess it’s free.